Kathy Kay

So, I ask you – what do you do in extraordinary times?  Something extraordinary, of course! Well, extraordinary to our VFF team anyways.


The Victoria Film Festival after 26 years is going on line.  Say what!? Yes, with all the to-ing and fro-ing from Dr. Henry it was too defeating to keep planning for an in-person event this year when the plug could be pulled at any time.


So, we’ve created See ‘em All which allows for viewing any and all of the films screening online this year.  AND it’s at a ‘I can’t possibly resist that price’ price. There are tickets to individual films as well – for those who have commitment issues.  I’m sad that we will miss the community part of the Victoria Film Festival but it’s a win-win. VFF survives to return another day and you get to watch a great program of films from around the world.


On another note, we have a fun campaign this year as we ask, What Fuels You? It seemed a good year to ask that considering the trials of 2020.


After all the prep for the Festival I think you might be able to tell what keeps me going, what fuels me, and you’d be right.  The challenges, the fun and the films have kept me going all these years so I’m going to ask you just that, what fuels you? What food, what movies, what person, what beverages?  Think about it. What’s giving you the drive to keep going, persevere and prevail? Is it surprising?


Can’t help myself, big shout out to Gerald Hartwig, our donors and all our partners. Thank you for supporting community events – we’re as rare as hen’s teeth these days.


See you at the VFF

Kathy Kay
Festival Director