Agnes Joy

Agnes Joy
Agnes Joy

Director: Silja Hauksdóttir

Iceland | 2020 | 93 min

Best Film + Best Actress Awards – Edda Awards, Iceland

Emotional + Picturesque + Bittersweet

Rannveig is frustrated within all aspects of her mundane suburban life. She’s stuck with a job she hates, and her marriage is stagnating. On top of that, she fights daily battles with her rebellious 18-year-old daughter, Agnes Joy, as she can’t face the possibility of Agnes growing up and leaving her behind.


Both Agnes and her mother are going through similar crises of identity. As Agnes tries to negotiate life as a teenager coming of age, her mother faces the realities of being middle-aged.


Things get more complicated when a semi-famous actor, Hreinn, moves in next door. Rannveig is instantly attracted to the new neighbour, but she seems not to be the only woman in her family who finds Hreinn irresistible…..


Set between the stunning towns of Akranes and Reykjavik, Agnes Joy is full of subtle beauties, from the vibrant Icelandic landscape to the emotional intelligence of the actors. It’s a universal and heartfelt depiction of family dynamics and teenage rebellion.


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Host Thelma Adams (Film Critic) talks with director Silja Hauksdóttir and actors Katla M. Þorgeirsdóttir and Donna Cruz