All-In Madonna

All-In Madonna
All-In Madonna

DIRECTOR: Arnold Lim

CANADA | 2020 | 87 min

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DGC - Directors Guild of Canada

Against her hard-edged father’s wishes, 17-year-old Maddie (Melanie Rose Wilson) decides to leave the seclusion of homeschooling to attend high school in person. As her world expands, she starts to hear stories about her father’s past and must begin to reconcile the difference between the dad she thought she knew and her small town’s perceptions of him. Between helping raise and protect her younger sister and resolving the mysteries surrounding her family’s past, all the while facing bullying in her new school, Maddie is forced to mature and decide the path she wants to take. Director Arnold Lim expands his 2018 short film into his first feature. It’s set in the fictional Vancouver Island town of Blue Lake and uses an Island-based crew and cast. Blending a coming-of-age tale with a murder mystery, Lim makes the most of his locations and cast to put his own unique twist on these genres.


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Host David Geiss (CineVic) talks with director Arnold Lim and actors Melanie Rose Wilson and Adam Lolacher