Beast Beast

Beast Beast
Beast Beast

Director: Danny Madden

USA | 2020 | 85 min

Audience Award – Atlanta Film Festival

Launch Icon - First Feature
Raw + Exuberant + Smart

Beast Beast has the clout of Gus Van Sant’s Elephant given a fresh overhaul that encompasses social media culture and an insightful look at the allure of guns.


There are three exuberant intersecting stories. Krista (Shirley Chen) is a drama geek; Nito (Jose Angeles) is the new kid, who eventually hooks up with Krista; and Adam (Will Madden) is Krista’s neighbour, who loves guns and dreams of going viral with his gun videos. There is a sense of something about to go wrong, which is reminiscent of Ian McEwan’s novel Saturday. No matter how well life is going, you have an uneasy feeling that things can change in an instant.


Director Madden isn’t judgmental as he, in turn, focuses on each essentially likeable character.

The actors, primarily newcomers, are remarkably adept at conveying emotions without words, or through their body language.


Beast Beast explores the repercussions of needing so much validation, which is as valid today as it was 30 years ago.


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Host Kyle Wells talks with director Danny Madden and art director Rowan Landaiche