Beware of Children (Barn)

Beware of Children
Beware of Children (Barn)

Director: Dag Johan Haugerud

Norway | 2020 | 157 min

Best Nordic Film + Best Acting – Göteborg Film Festival 2020
Best Film – Amanda Awards, Norway

Ambitious + Complex + Challenging

We often reveal our true colours during a crisis. In Beware of Children, Norwegian novelist and director Dag Johan Haugerud delivers an ambitious exploration of guilt, grief and communication issues.


Beware of Children chronicles the fallout of the accidental – or was it? – death of 13-year-old Jamie on a school soccer field, after he gets a beating by Lykke, his classmate. Lykke claims Jamie’s death was an accident, but nobody believes her.


To complicate matters, Lykke is the daughter of a prominent Labour Party politician and Jamie was the son of a local right-wing politician. Jamie’s father, Per Erik, is also secretly dating the idealistic and avowedly left-wing Liv, who is the school principal and who thus needs to deal with the fallout of the occurrence for her students. How could it happen – and how is it possible to continue living afterwards? Was it really only innocent play?