Coral Ghosts

Choral Ghosts
Coral Ghosts

Director: Andrew Nisker

Canada | 2020 | 78 min

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Dr. Tom Goreau is a marine biologist who is in a race against time. His grandfather, Fritz Goro, was a pioneering LIFE magazine photographer who took some of the first underwater photos dating back to the 1940s. For more than 70 years, three generations of his family have dedicated themselves to photographing the world’s coral reefs. As these remarkable ecosystems collapse due to climate change, Tom is carrying on his family’s legacy. He’s doing his best to preserve the archive of more than 7,000 images his grandfather and father created, while trying to raise awareness that coral reef destruction is an urgent reminder that we’re on the precipice of irreversible environmental damage. Filmed on location in Jamaica, Great Barrier Reef, Canadian Arctic, Bikini Atoll and Indonesia, Coral Ghosts blends stunning archival images with breathtaking underwater photography, taking us on a global journey to discover the dire consequences of our actions.


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Host Dr. Julia Baum (UVic) talks with director Andrew Nisker and biologist Tom Goreau