Games People Play (Seurapeli)

Games People Play
Games People Play (Seurapeli)

Director: Jenni Toivoniemi

Finland | 2020 | 117 min

Launch Icon - First Feature
Zesty + Jolly + Bittersweet

Director Jenni Toivoniemi makes her feature film debut with a bittersweet comedy about a group of thirtysomething friends regressing to their teenage selves during a reunion weekend.


An old group of friends gathers at an idyllic seaside villa to celebrate a surprise birthday party for Mitzi – just like they used to do as teenagers. The weekend starts ominously when Mitzi, who is the dramatic focal point of the group, does not respond well to the surprise. Old rituals and new revelations rise to the surface making the group of friends reassess their past, their present and drink more Kossu (Finnish liquor).


Games People Play, featuring a brilliant cast ensemble including Laura Birn (also in this year’s Helen, Netflix’s The Innocents) and Christian Hillborg (Fleabag), is a delicious mix of delight and darkness resulting in a perfect heartwarming satire. If you are into strong characters and full-of-heart raw humour, you will love this film. Kippis!