I Never Cry (Jak najdalej stąd)

I Never Cry
I Never Cry (Jak najdalej stąd)

Director: Piotr Domalewski

Poland | 2020 | 98 min

Dynamic + Feisty + Heartful

In I Never Cry, a dark and feisty comedy, we meet Ola, a turbulent Polish teenager (a brilliant debut of Zofia Stafiej). Ola claims that she never cries, even if her life is far from a bed of roses. She lives in a small Polish city with her estranged mother, helping take care of her beloved, disabled brother. She hasn’t seen her father in ages. All she wants from him is a car, so she can have her freedom and take her brother on adventures. When unexpected news about her father’s passing arrives from Ireland, where he worked, she embarks on a long solo journey to bring his body back to Poland – although her main incentive is to retrieve the money he’d promised her towards a car.


Dealing with foreign bureaucracy in her own streetwise way, Ola will get to know her father.


BYOP (Bring your own popcorn)

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