Journey to Utopia

Journey to Utopia
Journey to Utopia

Director: Erlend E. Mo

Denmark/Sweden/Norway | 2020 | 89 min

Challenging + Heartwarming + Honest

Journey to Utopia, a heartwarming and brutally honest documentary, follows the footsteps of a family that gambles everything and decides to join the fight for the climate, but the reality of establishing the sustainable planned community turns out to be more difficult than anticipated.


Erlend Mo (the film’s director) lives the Scandinavian dream with his opera singer wife and three children on an idyllic farm in Norway. They are educated, open-minded and try to live as sustainable a life as they can. But that’s not enough. With feelings of climate emergency growing, they make a decision to take their sustainable life up a notch and move to a brand-new self-sufficient organic farming co-operative in Denmark called “Permatopia.”


As the challenges and sacrifices required for this new life add up, the Mo family’s unity and idealism are pushed to their breaking points. Will they be able to pull through it all together, and still find hope for a better future?


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Host Kinga Binkowska (VFF Head Programmer) talks with director Erlend Mo