Director: Ana Rocha

Portugal/UK | 2020 | 73 min

Best Film – Venice Film Festival 2020

Launch Icon - First Feature
Beautiful + Emotive + Powerful

Lauded with multiple awards at the latest Venice Film Festival, director Ana Rocha, in her beautifully crafted debut, shines light on the broken system of social services in the UK.


Listen centres around Bela and Jota, an immigrant couple living with their three children in London’s suburbs. The family faces serious turmoil when their deaf daughter Lu’s hearing aid breaks and they can’t afford to buy a new one. After a misunderstanding at the girl’s school, the British social services grow concerned for the safety of all three children and, as a result, take them away, triggering a process in the system that seems to go on forever.


Evoking films of Ken Loach (Sorry We Missed You; I, Daniel Blake), Listen is a deeply moving story of love, resilience and transforming love into action. Plus, the emotive acting of the fantastic Lucia Moniz (arguably best known for being the object of Colin Firth’s affections in Love, Actually) will provide a stirring performance.


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Host Kinga Binkowska (VFF Head Programmer) talks with director Ana Rocha De Sousa