Little Orphans

Little Orphans
Little Orphans

Director: Ruth Lawrence

Canada | 2020 | 79 min

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Returning home from out west in the middle of a St. John’s winter for the wedding of their younger sister Janet (Marthe Bernard), tightly wound Gwen (Emily Bridger) and life of the party Kay (Rhiannon Morgan) are reunited with the emotional baggage they purposefully left behind. Growing up with an often absent mother, they have always taken turns caring for each other. As they stumble into adulthood, they worry that they might be doomed to repeat the past. The sisters’ performances (enhanced by the actors’ friendship in real life) shine in a script by Bridger that avoids melodrama by balancing sadness with humour and anger with love. Featuring a cast and crew of more than 50% women, this family story delights in the specifics of Newfoundland culture from kissing the cod to kitchen parties, but it’s the universal struggles that families face and the life choices we make that truly resonate in this remarkable first feature by director Ruth Lawrence.


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Host Kathryn Marlow (Host of CBC All Points West) talks with director Ruth Lawrence and screenwriter / actor Emily Bridger