Magic Mountains

Magic Mountains
Magic Mountains

Director: Urszula Antoniak

Poland | 2020 | 81 min

Thriller + Atmospheric + Psychological

It’s a gripping ride on a slow simmer in Urszula Antoniak’s at times vertigo-inducing film. Lex and Hannah have broken up – her idea. After much persuasion, Hannah agrees to go on one last mountain climb with Lex. They will climb to the peak and then be picked up by helicopter, where Lex claims that he will finally be able to let go of her.


They meet up with their very handsome and compelling guide, Voytek, who adds his own level of mysterious tension. Voytek feels that something is amiss with Lex, and he tries to support Hannah, but he is only engaged to go so far.


It’s a gorgeous film, to be sure, and the actors must be applauded for doing their own climbs.  Director Antoniak’s decision to forgo CGI adds a realism that the acting matches. Magic Mountains is suspenseful and, as the altitude rises, so does the tension.


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Host Linda Barnard (Film Critic) talks with director Urszula Antoniak