Director: Wendy Hill-Tout

Canada | 2020 | 110 min

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Injustice + Inspiring + Passionate

Steven Truscott’s wrongful conviction for Lynne Harper’s murder in 1959 remains one of Canada’s best-known miscarriages of justice. For nearly 50 years, until his acquittal in 2007, he and his family lived with an immense burden of never being truly free. His strongest supporter and most vocal ally was his wife, Marlene. Telling his story from her point of view, Julia Sarah Stone (as Marlene in her youth) and Kristin Booth share the role of a devoted wife and mother who spent her life convinced of her husband’s innocence and pursued every avenue available to clear his name. Focused on the personal relationships more than the court proceedings, Wendy Hill-Tout directs a moving account of the sacrifice and toll the injustice had not only on Steven but on Marlene and their children as they spent three decades under assumed identities. Poignant performances make this a riveting drama inspired by true events.


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Host Linda Barnard (Film Critic) talks with director Wendy Tout-Hill and actor Kristin Booth