My Father Marianne (Min pappa Marianne)

My Father Marianne
My Father Marianne (Min pappa Marianne)

Director: Mårten Klingberg

Sweden | 2020 | 110 min

Heartfelt + Universal + Surprising

Hanna, a woke 28 year old aspiring journalist, who strives for social justice is having no luck in convincing the top Stockholm media outlets to give her a chance.


After a list of job rejections and finding her boyfriend in bed with someone else, the defeated Hanna reluctantly opts to return to her little hometown of Alingsås to live with her parents and brother. She gets a definitely-not-a-dream-job at the local news station where she has to cover potato parades instead of the marches for equal rights she had hoped for.


Her world is soon turned even more upside down when her beloved father, a respected priest in the community, informs his family about his lifelong feminine side, wanting to come out as Marianne. None of her courses in gender studies have prepared Hanna for this, and she loathes Marianne for stealing her father from her. But for Marianne there is no return. At last, she must be who she really is.


Loosely based on author-journalist Ester Roxberg’s autobiographical novel My father Ann-Christine-the memory of a secret,  My Father Marianne is at heart a universal story about maturing and expectations, but above all it’s a touching examination of a young woman’s relationship with her beloved father.