My Wonderful Wanda (Wanda, mein Wunder)

My Wonderful Wanda
My Wonderful Wanda (Wanda, mein Wunder)

Director: Bettina Oberli

Switzerland | 2020 | 111 min

Audience Award Best Narrative – Vancouver International Film Festival

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Swiss Consulate
Humane + Perceptive + Biting

In a gripping comedy of errors, the award-winning Swiss director Bettina Oberli cleverly tackles issues of privilege, family dynamics and desires.


Wanda, a Polish single mother of two boys, becomes entangled with a wealthy Swiss family when she is employed to care for its recovering-from-a-stroke patriarch, Josef. Being utterly pragmatic, and trying to earn extra money for her family in Poland, the young woman expands her caregiving services by also satisfying Josef’s sexual needs. Things get complicated when Wanda unexpectedly becomes pregnant with his child.


Beautifully directed, My Wonderful Wanda is intelligent, funny and cleverly structured, to cite a few of its merits. It proves, in a cliché-free way, that money doesn’t buy happiness and dealing with family is never simple.


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