Parents (Wir Eltern)

Parents (Wir Eltern)

Directors: Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert

Switzerland | 2019 | 94 min

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Swiss Consulate
Realistic + Dynamic + Grotesque

If you think that family life is easy, try raising three teenage boys.


All Veronika and Michael Kamber-Gruber, a middle-aged couple from Zurich, want is for their late-pubescent twin sons to move out. The couple believes they did everything right as parents, but their mischievous sons Romeo and Anton do everything they can to shatter that belief. They can barely get out of bed, let alone reliably get to school. When their grandfather entices them to further autonomy with a large advance on their inheritance, the situation gets even worse. The distressed parents flee the apartment with their third, youngest son and move into their new refuge – a tiny studio apartment.


Parents, an auto-fictional grotesque comedy, was written by the couple Eric Bergkraut and Ruth Schweikert based on their own experiences and filmed with their own sons in their own apartment. The result is an honest and shamelessly realistic portrait of what it means to be a family – for better or for worse.


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Host Kinga Binkowska (VFF Head Programmer) talks with directors/writers Eric Bergkraut and Ruth Schweikert