Queen of the Andes

Queen of the Andes
Queen of the Andes

Director: Jillian Acreman

Canada | 2020 | 95 min

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Future + Conflict + Family

Between Elon Musk’s SpaceX innovations and the ill-fated 2013 Mars One initiative, the red planet continues to consume our collective imagination about life on another planet. New Brunswick filmmaker Jillian Acreman sets her feature debut in the not-too-distant future when the government has drafted exceptional young adults to participate in its experimental and highly controversial Mars colonization plan. Pilar (Bhreagh MacNeil) has been selected thanks to her groundbreaking biology research, and now she must face the task of preparing for her last few days on earth. The science fiction premise gains its gravitas from MacNeil’s breakthrough performance as a twenty-something navigating the perils of adulthood. Torn between her duty to science and personal relationships, she has kept the mission a secret from those closest to her. As the clock ticks down, she attempts to avoid the messy emotional confrontations of saying a final goodbye while looking for an escape.


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