Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby
Shiva Baby

Director: Emma Seligman

Canada/USA | 2020 | 77 min

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Danielle is different things to many people. To her parents, she’s still their dependent as they fund her way through a gender studies degree. To Maya, she’s an ex-girlfriend from high school with unresolved feelings. In their “mutually beneficial” relationship, well-established sugar daddy Max thinks he’s helping pay her way through law school. As Danielle meanders her way into adulthood, all of these separate identities have co-existed without much difficulty. But one afternoon as she attends shiva with her parents, her worlds collide in this wonderfully dark comedy. Drawing upon her background in Toronto’s Jewish community, Emma Seligman wrote and directed her debut feature based on her award-winning short film. Authentic characters ground the film, avoiding a set-up and punchline plot. Setting the sequence of events at a sombre occasion keeps the tension simmering as Danielle anxiously navigates from one awkward encounter to another, mining the misery for maximum laughs.


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