Skyfire (天火)

Skyfire (天火)

Director: Simon West

China | 2020 | 97 min

Absolutely no awards

Explosive + Explosive + Explosive

If 2020 were a movie it would be Skyfire.


From the director of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Con Air, we bring you Skyfire – a Chinese disaster action mega-production.


Tianhuo Island, located in the world-famous Pacific Rim volcanic belt, is as beautiful as a paradise.


The idyllic location almost makes people forget that it’s in the area also infamously called the “Ring of Fire.” When the volcano erupts, the fate of the people on the island is in the hands of a geologist and her father.


The film has Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter series, Peter Pan, The Death of Stalin), Chinese superstars (Wang Xueqi, Hannah Quinlivan, Shawn Dou) and is filled with action shots. So, get yourself some popcorn, maybe a good drink or two and enjoy some giant explosions. Because what else is there to do in life?


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Host Richard Crouse (CTV Pop Life) talks with director Simon West and actor Jason Isaacs