Director: Eytan Fox

Israel | 2020 | 89 min

Audience Award – Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

Comedy + Intimacy + Politics

Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox, known for his popular gay-themed films, presents this well-acted romantic dramedy with a travel theme and a dollop of serious politics. Michael, a New York travel writer, arrives in Tel Aviv to pen a quick take on Israel. He has rented an Airbnb from Tomer, a twenty-something film student who, wishing to disabuse the older man of his clichés, agrees to serve as his guide.


Instead of sites or museums, Tomer introduces Michael to his coterie of young artists who lament the difficulty of working in Israel. Tomer himself plans to emigrate to Germany, where, ironically in Michael’s view, he seeks greater artistic support. For his part, Michael explains why contemplating middle-aged fatherhood has caused a spousal rift and growing sadness. Their intergenerational queer connection deepens after an awkward comment by Tomer’s doting Jewish mother inadvertently makes the men see themselves as more than mere strangers.