The Amber Light

The Amber Light
The Amber Light

Director: Adam Park

United Kingdom | 2019 | 93 min

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Warming + Cultural + Informative

A perfect winter film, The Amber Light leads us deep into the mysterious world of Scotland’s national drink. In this journey through the lesser-known parts of Scottish whisky culture, we follow writer Dave Broom on his quest to gain a deeper understanding of this world-famous drink.


A genuine whisky connoisseur, Dave, a Glaswegian, traces the history of whisky production in Scotland, meeting many fascinating characters and experts along the way. The deeper Dave journeys, the clearer it becomes that whisky is an integral part of Scottish culture and identity. What we witness on screen is a distilling process, with Dave as our guide, gently revealing a creative dedication to a Scottish cultural icon with beautiful clarity and warmth.


So pour yourself a dram, snuggle up and bask for an hour or so in the warm amber glow of liquid gold.


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Host Joanna Duncombe (VFF Programmer) talks with director Adam Park and Dave Broom