The Big Hit (Un triomphe)

The Big Hit
The Big Hit (Un triomphe)

Director: Emmanuel Courcol

France | 2020 | 105 min

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Francophone Affairs
Uplifting + Endearing + Unexpected

Fresh from the mecca of the world’s finest cinema (Cannes Film Festival 2020), we bring you a heartfelt and delightful comedy inspired by true events.


The Big Hit follows Étienne, who is a past-his-prime but endearing theatre actor giving more drama lessons than actually spending time acting on a theatre stage. He is hired to be in charge of a project that’s very much new territory for him – a theatre workshop in a prison. Étienne ambitiously brings together an unlikely yet lovable troupe of convicts to stage Samuel Beckett’s famous play Waiting for Godot. After an unanticipated initial success, the colourful troupe is allowed to go on a tour outside the prison, with a final performance on one of the most prestigious stages in France, Paris’s Théâtre de l’Odéon. And that’s when things get complicated…


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Host Casey Edmunds (Executive Director, La Société francophone de Victoria) talks with director Emmanuel Courcol