The Capote Tapes

The Capote Tapes
The Capote Tapes

Director: Ebs Burnough

USA | 2019 | 98 min

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Salacious + Entertaining + Personal

If you think you are already familiar with Truman Capote’s life then think again. From the very beginning when you meet Capote’s adopted daughter, you will be set back on your heels as you think to yourself, “I didn’t know that.”


While director Ebs Burnough doesn’t leave out the familiar. With access to the recently discovered and very frank George Plimpton tapes there are new insightful revelations into this complex man. The tapes focus on the ‘novel’ Answered Prayers, where after a few salacious chapters published in Esquire, brought about Capote’s downfall with the New York high-society set.


Burnough’s debut feature marks the start of what is likely to be an interesting career. He digs deep to illustrate Capote’s use of personal experiences for Other Voices, Other Rooms and Breakfast at Tiffany’s that revealed his mother’s life and lifestyle.


The Capote Tapes is a fun film that, while revealing society life decades ago, finds that Capote predicted the desire for endless gossip that is now social media.