Test Fest

Test Fest is a FREE trial run proceeding the 2021 VFF Online Festival.
Test Fest Dates: January 11 – 13 | January 19 – 20 | January 25 – 29 | February 1-4

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During Test Fest

12:00pm – 7:30pm: January 11 – 13 | January 19 – 20 | January 25 – 29 | February 1-4


Puchase your ticket from Elevent


Watch directly on your device (computer or tablet) via the email link


Or cast from your device (laptop or computer) to your TV

Test out the Elevent ticketing system and your streaming tech before the festival starts!


Things to Know

A Test Fest ticket will grant you access to the 2021 VFF Supercut Festival Trailer.

When you purchase a ticket, an email order confirmation will immediately be sent to you. The order confirmation will include a rundown of the ticket you have selected for Test Fest. These are not your tickets.


There are three ways to gain access to the Test Fest Supercut Festival Trailer:


  1. After you have “purchased” a ticket to the Test Fest, you will receive a ‘Virtual Access’ email from Elevent inviting you to the Virtual Streaming Platform. This email will include a link where you can view the Supercut Festival Trailer.
  2. Your Virtual Access email will also contain the Voucher/Ticket Code which can be entered into the virtual streaming portal manually via your TV, Computer or Phone. Enter the codes in the Virtual Streaming Platform once the Test Fest is live.
  3. You can also find what products you have “purchased” under your account’s ‘Overview’ or ‘Order History’ once you have registered and logged in to Elevent.


If you want to watch the Test Fest Supercut Festival Trailer short film on Apple, Roku or Android TV you need to download the Elevent TV App first from the corresponding app store.


Once downloaded, open the Elevent TV App and you can enter the Voucher Code (Found in your Virtual Access email) using your remote control and the Supercut Festival Trailer will start to play. You can also login to the virtual streaming portal on a laptop or computer via your internet browser and then cast to your TV.